Back to Basics Business Bootcamp

for Wellness Practitioners and Health Coaches


Are you itching to help people, but unsure how to ethically continue building your wellness business during this time of uncertainty?

Times have definitely changed for our world, and when things change we are forced to adapt or give up.

Are you ready to adapt? You CAN keep helping others in a way that feels good to you and gives people the support they need....even when times are tight and feel confusing. I can show you how.

It's time to get back to basics

This is NOT the time to be pushing complicated protocols and difficult to follow elimination diets.

It's time to meet people where they are and help guide them to where they want to be in the lowest stress way possible-emotionally physically and mentally.

Now is the time to underwhelm people and show them how to take manageable steps FROM home that will help them feel safer, healthier and more in charge of their lives.

Our job as wellness professionals is to be good stewards of our clients needs-financially and emotionally.

Coaching someone through a time like this should not be complicated or hard. Actually, health coaching itself needs a complete do over in my opinion. We have to start helping people in a way that doesn't make them feel worse.

I am taking the lead on disrupting the coaching world and really get to the business of helping people. This is not your cookie cutter coaching training. It's time to get down to business.

Back To Business Bootcamp helped me to gain more confidence with launching my health coaching business. The course helped me finalize the tech aspect of the business. I am an analytical person (and an in-the-closet-overachieving-perfectionist) therefore I like step by step on how to do things I am not familiar with. Building websites or landing pages happens to be one of those things I am not familiar with. The technical call tied everything up in a nice box for me; I'm launching in six weeks.

LaTricia Muhammad 

Dear health coach (please read through to the end)

I am sure you are here because you want so so badly to keep helping others but you are nervous about how to keep growing when people are scared, financially struggling and not feeling well from the stress. I get it. I felt the same way when this whole thing came down on us. But I am still coaching people and busier with requests to help people than I have been in months.

Yet, you’re overwhelmed with options and man are there options!  Done for you cleanses, detox programs, elimination diets, meal planners and more.

But is anyone helping you coach people in a sustainable way with a method that can continue to be used as time goes on?

There are an endless amount of directions you can take your business right now but most of them are asking you to invest in expensive programs or trainings that don't actually teach you how to help people in REAL life. There are no magic pills, no instant fixes to growing your list, no way to make six figures in a month when things are NORMAL much less right now.

Since I am a fan of the present moment and working with what is in front of us let's talk about how we can help people NOW .

First let's be clear on who is looking for your help.

  • The Standard American Person (SAP) who knows they want to live healthier and don't know how
  • The Overwhelmed Symptom Chaser (OSC) who has been on this health journey for a long time and still isn't feeling well.

This is what is happening right now. People are scared, anxious and worried about their health, their future and where they are going to get their next dollar. There is a sense of uncertainty that is buried deep in the hearts of people and most don't even know where to begin. It is time to help people begin where they are at and teach them how to learn a PRO-active lifestyle so they don't feel so RE-active when the next scary thing comes our way.

Are you used to running programs that have people doing intensive protocols and cleanses? Maybe you have built your business around how to detox the liver or some other focused niche and now you're wondering how to even begin something new?

It's ok. I've got your back and the answers to how to keep growing your business no matter what is going on in the world around us. And there is a way to do this that won't have you feeling badly about asking for money for the work you do and now is not the time to start feeling badly about getting paid....but let me be clear. It IS the time to start working DIFFERENTLY, more EFFECTIVELY and more EFFICIENTLY.

Yet, you’re you SHOULD be. You wonder if it’s too good to be true that I actually have a process that works. Well I do and after a decade of working with people with every condition and problem I can tell you it works for anyone wanting to optimize their health. Today. Right now.

So if you are ready to continue being a compassionate server and a go getter in tis industry and you KNOW you can make a difference but just need a method of approach click the button below and join us.

“The B4 Program is outstanding. As always Carmen promised  a lot and still over-delivered in the training. Between the Done-For-You Templates to really get you started in your coaching business to how to be effective and successful at Informative Talks to Group Coaching, there was so much info. Then there were the “Bonus” calls for marketing, accounting, and legal concerns. Carmen answered every question asked with great info, professionalism, and a heart for empowering Health Coaches. I am so thankful to have the documents, notes, and replays to learn from and get my business off to a great start! Thanks Carmen and the Institute for Functional Health Coaching!” 

~ Debbie Burgio ~

Hi, I’m Carmen Hunter,

I am a certified health coach and founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™. I have over a decade of health coaching experience with hundreds of clients and I have seen almost every health issue you can imagine. I am passionate about helping people with their health in a low stress way and teaching wellness professionals how to grow an ethical sustainable business that works for them and that they don't have to work so hard for.

I want to share a little bit about my health coaching journey with you so you know I can relate to all of the pain points you are experiencing and how even in times of uncertainty in the past I was able to keep coaching and building my wait list practice.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve walked through your journey. I’ve pursued an education from other institutions. I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of sick clients and I’ve built a business from the ground up. My goal as a mentor is to have you up and working as soon as possible and one thing I know for sure is that coaches have to start meeting people where they are and remember that most people don't have a clue about basic health.

After realizing how lightweight the business trainings in other programs were I began mentoring coaches on how to be successful in this business through my Health Coach Clarity Facebook group and my signature Health Coaching with Confidence program, which grew exponentially as the true needs of health coaches continued to go unanswered.  The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ was created based on coaches needs for real business advice. What we realized after polling and surveying coaches for over a year now is that there is a huge need for the basic steps of working with clients. A system and a method that works to create an effective business. So many of you already have the certification but no method of delivering your support to people. This class is the answer to that.

This business training is focused on the bones of what you need to begin working with people right away. Today. No complicated funnels, no process of meeting someone for an hour to see if they "want to hire you". None of that.

I realize that the business aspect of coaching and marketing can be hard for people new to the world of building a business so we have created a fast track to working with people and using the knowledge you already have.

Back to Basics Bootcamp went way beyond my expectations and, but that seems to be the norm for Carmen Hunter. Most of our webinars went well past the planned time frame by an hour or more. She never stopped until all questions were answered and if the question required more detail...she would add it to her list to follow up with us.

She shares tons of documents, forms, and resources she has created in this course. And, for bonuses she brought in experts such as an accountant, marketing specialist (twice), attorney, and more. Bottom line, it was incredibly valuable and supportive to our business. 

Carmen gives and shares to the max; yet she is straight up, telling it as it is, but doing so in a kind and caring way. If you're stuck, need a refresher, business has slowed down, or you're brand new and getting started....this is the solution you're looking for.

Mary Schurr

What you need to coach people TODAY!

My simple yet effective transformational coaching method allows you to work with any client, with any condition, and with any health goal, without stepping outside of your scope of practice . This safe, simple method of coaching is built on three key pillars:


Education is the first step to client success. Clients want to understand WHY the changes are necessary before they decide to stick to a plan.


Preparation is the second step in the process. Preparation eases client anxiety and stress over the changes that are about to happen in their lives, thereby skyrocketing their chances of success. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t jump out of a plane without knowing how to operate a parachute, would you? Then why would you push your clients into programs and lifestyle changes before they fully understand and accept the process?


Action is the last step in the coaching process. Taking action must be done when the client is ready and willing to commit to themselves and be held accountable for their choices. While most coaches take complete responsibility for the health of their clients, I show you how to let your clients take charge of their own health by being their source of guidance, support and inspiration. 

By learning how to apply this process to your coaching services you will be creating sustainable ways for your clients to make decisions that feel good to them while flexing that coaching muscle you long to use.

What You Will Get

  • 5 recorded coaching calls with me and my team ($1,500 value) training you on everything you need to be working online quickly
  • 2 live calls on January 5th and January 12th my own Marketing Manager, Julienne DesJardins, and with me (details below!)
  • Tech, Social media and Marketing training (FB, IG, Dropbox, Mail servers, Funnel process, launch timelines, getting clients online and more)
  • Business discussions on: Merchant choices, how much to charge, what to offer, how to get paid, how to get organized (training in dropbox and google docs, sheets etc), LLC, Sole Prop., taxes, licensing and more
  • Group Coaching training-more impact, more compassionate offerings and increased income you can feel good about
  • Recorded sessions with attorneys and accountant advice
  • Mentoring to overcome fear, low confidence and other coaching obstacles
  • Brandable coaching forms to begin using right away (one-on-one and group coaching) ($497 value)

The Schedule

Module 1

  • Fees and Services, Free consult session example, Kick Start Guide, Scope of Practice document, and What is a Health Coach? document

Module 2

  • The 7 Essentials, Pure Gold Resource Guide, Safe Language in Coaching, Education, Preparation, and Action, Food & Lifestyle Review, Customizable Clean Out Guide

Module 3

  • Group coaching (comes with TWO templates to start using right away), Sleep group coaching document, Whole Food group coaching document, The Formula infographic for you to use

Module 4

January 5th at 7:00pm EST

  • Marketing Support with marketing expert Julienne DesJardins. She'll give you a free eCourse, Goals and Metrics tracker, and a guide to the things a virtual assistant can do for your business. Get your questions answered around topics like funnel building, email marketing, and social media strategy!

Module 5

January 12th at 12:30pm EST

  • Bonus hour with Carmen-A no limits Q and A where we answer all of your questions!

+ Bonus Calls!

  • BONUS Recorded Session: Legal session with Sam Vander Wielen
  • Bonus Recorded Session with Accountant Heather Craig

Through out the training you will be learning how to overcome fear and the importance of HOW to build your business during these times, where to find clients, how to effectively search for opportunities to work with others and how to feel GOOD enough in your health coaching business and why chasing knowledge is a waste of your time.

The bootcamp has been amazing, such great value, packed with really useful info (by that I mean properly useful for us actually starting a biz. or funnel) and showing us ways to get up and running now. I am blown away by the amount of content, its going to keep me busy for weeks !

It has been wonderful to be part of a positive, "lets get this done", group of likeminded wellness advocates and to feel connected even from so far away has meant a lot. Carmen you have given so much of your time and energy and we all appreciate it at this tricky time. 

Starting a new business venture in such uncertain times where our global health and wellness has never been so vital has its challenges but we will make waves and all do our part to help people improve their wellness for a bright and exciting future.

-SOPHIE @ Web of Goodness

Back to basic business boot camp training gave me the confidence to put myself out there. I have a better understanding of safe language, scope of practice and legal resources I did not know existed. Thanks Carmen!

~ Maryanne Sowinski ~

Carmen is so helpful + knowledgable and put together a value packed bootcamp program with tons of resources & guest speakers for such a ridiculously low price. She makes it so easy to digest material & trainings. Carmen really listens to you and then provides answers or gets you someone who can answer your questions if/when she can't. Carmen never leaves you hanging to figure it all out alone. Carmen keeps it real without all the fluff and she genuinely wants to help coaches succeed.

You just need to put in the work and use the resources and guides she gives you. If you want clear + easy to implement steps and strategies to learn how to start your health coaching business + build a strong foundation for your business & in a safe way then Carmen is your go to person. Carmen always over gives and offers so much support. She truly has a passion for this with so much heart & soul. I strongly recommend taking the bootcamp business program + joining Carmen's HCMM Program (Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery Program).

You not only get support from Carmen in HCMM, but other mentors on her team + other health coaches inside HCMM. You won't find teaching, resources & support like this anywhere else, especially for the low price Carmen offers. Thank you so much Carmen - and your team! I'm so grateful to have you as my personal + professional mentor, guide & biz coach.  

~ Lisa Wildoner, CHHC ~

As we went through each module/lesson, how Carmen took extraordinary pains to make sure that everyone got their questions answered. Even when I understood the content from the modules and lessons, I listened intently as Carmen answered the questions of others and I got a great deal of value from that! The discussions that Carmen had with us about the course content were very valuable in that she freely shared her own experiences and gave numerous examples. The huge amount of sharing of her templates and scripts was priceless and I am truly grateful!

~ A Happy Student ~