It's 2021 and the health and wellness industry has changed significantly

The way we find clients and provide our services is dramatically shifting and we are being called to rethink how we show up as health coaches.

The information we share needs to be reliable but not overwhelming, empowering and inspiring.

We MUST teach people how to be proactive with their health. Their future and the success of your business depends on reversing reactionary health decisions.

How we do this as coaches matters.

Are you ready to learn the best way to stay safe in your practice in 2021 and make a big difference in peoples lives?

Listen and then read on:

Yes, I'm ready to apply for HCMM!

Does this sound like you?


You are right to be concerned. The way social media platforms and the LARGEST search engine that starts with a G have censored the wellness space is criminal. We have to become more savvy about how we find and help people.


You are not a fraud if you aren't perfectly healthy. In fact you are more relatable if you have a journey to share. Stop following the people who make you feel BADLY about yourself because you don't LOOK perfect. News flash: EVERYone has something going on.


We help uncover where the lack of confidence is coming from to help you stop analysis paralysis. Confidence comes with experience and working on yourself on a personal level to find out where the blocks are coming from. Your personal life affects your business more than you know.


The good news is you don't need one. You may even be scaring off potential clients by focusing too tightly on this topic. How you attract people with any problem depends on how you present yourself and the working you use to market. Nothing else.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, alphabet soup behind your name and still not find clients, run a successful business or have the confidence you need to move forward.

At Carmen Hunter Health, LLC we know what it takes to build a successful coaching business. What you gain by joining HCMM:

  • Complete confidence in your abilities (more education about health problems isn't going to do this for you).
  • A business foundation that is low risk, sustainable and can be used wherever you end up working (online, in the community, green state or red state).
  • The truth about the wellness industry and what to do now that we are losing functional influencers left and right. (truth is you don't need most of them)
  • An experienced, straightforward and trusted mentor to guide you (not someone promoting a magic bullet just to pad their pockets).
  • Resources, tools, and mentorship that simplify your coaching approach and keep you within your scope of practice.
  • Expert, no fluff support from a team of people who care about people. We care about you but we also care about the people looking for you!
  • A solid support network of your peers standing beside you. These are the serious coaches accomplishing set goals in their business!
  • Easy to use and implement platforms, templates and done for you processes that don't make big promises and deliver little to no results.
  • SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT! This is the biggest thing missing for coaches. Wasting time in social media groups asking other coaches for advice who aren't successful themselves isn't a good use of your time.

The biggest issue, however, is that none of this is included in most coaching programs. As a result, most aspiring coaches are left completely in the dark trying to figure things out on their own . This is unfortunate.

Entrepreneurship isn't a straight road in the coaching world.

It's gotten even more crooked since Covid came around and stole our freedom of speech, health choices and opportunity to find those looking for our help.

Over ten years ago, before coaching even became mainstream, I was facing the same dilemma.  I had already been coaching for 3+ years before I got my certification. I had to learn the hard way how to build a business on my own and only attended a popular coaching school  in 2013 because I was "told" letters behind my name would make me more credible. 

NEWS FLASH! No one cared about where I got those letters...they only cared that I could help them.   The school provided no business training from the real world of coaching and most mentors or businesses coaches didn't understand the uniqueness of the coaching world. As a natural investigator I began the journey to figuring it out on my own.

 It took me much longer than it should have to build a thriving practice, not only because I thought I needed those letters, but because I wasted so much money on useless things I didn't need! I mean who needs a $3,000 website when they don't even have their fees and services set? No one. There is a solid order to setting up your business and there are things to be careful of if you want a sustainable practice.

Most coaches don't have years to spare. Most are working full-time and building their coaching businesses on the side with massive dreams that one day, they'll be able to pursue health coaching full-time.

This online mentorship group was created for health coaches who are serious about growing a successful coaching business and want the solutions and support to make their goals a reality. The best part? It was created by someone who IS a health coach and understands your challenges because she has been there.

I am sure you are asking yourself: "How is this different than ANY other group for coaches?"

First, you have to qualify to join us by taking the ANWCB Prep Course and Board Certification.

Health Coach Mentorship and Mastery Group is for the serious coach who is ready to stop making excuses and start making a difference. Gone are the days of being a health coach hobbyist. A term I coined when I saw too many coaches wasting time and money and not working with actual clients. Most coaches already have the knowledge they need to help people, they just lack the business training and support.

Yes, I'm ready to apply for HCMM!

This group isn't like any other group. Why?

Because we support your business needs, help you gain confidence, and separate you from the cookie cutter coaches through a functional skilled coaching approach.

What can you look forward to?


Live Support

Live calls with Carmen twice a month as well as her team twice a month for ongoing training and support. We will answer your hardest questions and help you overcome your biggest challenges. No question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet with us!


Business templates for working with your clients

To work with potential clients you need a system. We offer the intake forms for one time sessions as well as lengthier relationships with your clients, examples of how to set fees and services and more.


Group coaching training and templates

Many coaches don't succeed or they quit before they should because they keep trading time for dollars and burn themselves out. Group coaching is a great way to make more money and an even bigger impact on your business. We offer the tools & training to help you create classes & group coaching programs.


Peer Support

Think about where you have been getting your it from FREE health coach groups where most of the coaches haven't had ONE client yet? That is not a good use of your time. Learn from those serious coaches who are actively working with clients and making things happen to see success in their business!


Distraction free platform

Let's face it. Facebook is nothing but a distraction. Ads for shiny objects you don't need popping up every minute, videos from wellness influencers you used to trust talking about and promoting vaccines, and the squirrel attention span we have all developed from constant dopamine hits! OY! It's all too much. Mighty Networks is distraction free and a place where you can connect/interact with other coaches and get support to accomplish goals, not waste time.

Haven't taken the ANWCB Prep Course and Board Certification yet, but you want to join us?

Click one of the boxes below!

(Don't forget March 31st the discounts expire)

Click here to learn more about the Prep Course (Use discount code HCMM100 for $100 off)

Let's talk about the content and bonuses that are included in HCMM!

Total Value: $11,000+



You will learn the Scope of Practice health coaches need to stay within; the safe language you should be using as a health coach to keep your business safe. You need to make sure your communication and your method are safe at ALL times. You will learn my methods of working with clients which include learning my Education, Preparation & Action approach.

Throw away the low-quality health histories! You can use our done-for-you, totally customizable intake docs with your clients or groups.

HCMM includes the

  • First Initial In-Depth Intake Form
  • Second Intake Session Form
  • Third Intake Session Form
  • Final Session Intake Form
  • Testimonial Form. 

This is your exact step-by-step process to work one-on-one with clients.  Brand them with your logo, change what you want, and start using them on the same day! You will learn how to do a free-consultations with clients and create a proper fees & services document for your business.


  • Health Coach Business Kickstart guide to help you with the ins and outs of health coach regulations, setting up a solid business foundation including setting up city and county license information, insurance needed, getting documents in order, investing in your business, and more.
  • Pure Gold Resources Guide This guide goes over the correct approach to take with clients and gives you multiple resources to use in your recommendations with clients. These resources include summits, educators & pioneers in the wellness industry, trusted websites, book lists, articles, podcasts, magazines, and more that I have pulled together over the last 10 years and used with my own clients.  


  • Group Coaching: We will teach you how to create classes, group coaching programs and provide you with templates to help you with making your ideas come to fruition. We also provide you with e-book templates, guidelines to help with creating them, and DFY sales pages to help you with marketing them. 
  • Lab Training and Tools: Health coaches should be able to help their clients navigate lab testing while staying within the scope of their profession. By the end of this series, you'll understand and feel confident reading labs, talking to your clients about labs, and recommending specific labs to clients. You'll also understand when it's NOT appropriate to recommend labs. You'll be able to use labs as a checklist to uncover mysterious chronic or acute symptoms and walk your clients through their own lab work safely. I'll walk you through examples of real clients and how their lab work was handled. We have also partnered with several companies that bring you several tools to help you with your client's labs like a Lab analyzer tool and options for helping your client order labs when needed.
  • Successful Doctors Visit training: Empower your clients to have more successful doctors' visits with our customizable recommendations guide and template. Walk your clients through the recommendations prior to appointments so they can make the most out of the time they have with their practitioner. 
  • Online Supplement Dispensary Options: We have partnered up with several online dispensaries to bring you options of ways to offer your clients to order their supplements and add to your income when they do and well as being able to offer them supplement recommendations safely and learn more about supplements.
  • SHAPE ReCLaimed Program: The SHAPE ReClaimed program is an Anti-Inflammatory program created by Dr. Todd Frisch for Practitioners and has now partnered with us to offer our ANWCB Board Certified coaches the ability to add this program to their businesses. Here you will get monthly coaching support sessions with the SHAPE program and other tools to help you as a coach implement it successfully into your business. 
  • Pantry/Fridge Makeover program: Getting clients in the door for a 1-on-1 or group coaching program can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Let me show you how to simplify this process by offering a "pantry makeover" service as the doorway for your larger coaching program. You will learn how to offer this for your clients and find several templates to help you put your own version together as well as the DFY Sales page to help you market it.


  • Business Tools & Marketing: You will have access to multiple pieces of training on marketing your business, tools to help you with marketing from website help to social media marketing, blog posts, podcasts, and more. You will have information added on a continuous monthly basis along with monthly marketing support sessions. You will also learn about an online client platform you can implement into your business to keep all of your client information and communication in one place.
  • Legal protection in your business: You will have access to several in-depth webinars I have done with health coach attorneys over the last 2 years as well as ongoing monthly support from our attorney Christy Westerfeld. You will also learn about GEMA and why it’s an important tool for keeping your business safe.  
  • Finances and making smart choices: Do you know what your business needs to bring in and how much money is going out on a monthly basis? Do you know what tax deductions you have? Do you have a way to track your profits and losses in your business? Let us help you! You will have access to webinars, tools, and upcoming classes on taking control of the finances in your business.
  • Health Education: In this part of HCMM, you will be able to expand your knowledge in the health and wellness field. You will find my In-Depth Thyroid training with a thyroid template to use with clients and complete video trainings along with my DFY Thyroid Ebook that you can use with clients as well. We will be continually adding to our general health and wellness education section which is already full of webinars I have done with past experts. You will learn about mental health and how it affects you and your clients and how we can as coaches help them and stay within our scope of practice. Learn how to talk with clients about vaccine education, no matter where you stand on this issue, are you prepared to give resources from both sides of the vaccine issues to your client to encourage them to make their own decisions? Are you curious about how you can learn more about things like herbs, aromatherapy, and health? How about how to answer those questions your clients may ask you about herbs? You will learn how to help your clients integrate herbs and more into their health and why they may want to.


You will have access to our in-depth call archives that include the following:

  • Member Support Session Replays
  • Guest Expert Webinars (as well as any affiliate links and resources they give us for you to use)
  • Carmens Solo Session Replays
  • Wellness Wednesday Session Replays
  • Carmen's Coaches Intensive Training Session Replays

Haven't taken the Prep Course and Board Certification yet, but you want to join us?

(Don't forget March 31st the discounts expire)

You'll also receive access to my team of experts!

Shannon Spears

Student Specialist and Customer Support Expert

Shannon Spears (BCHHC, LEHP, CNT) is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach & Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner. She is the Student Ambassador for The Institute for Functional Health Coaching where she enjoys teaching and mentoring students on building their health coaching businesses successfully. She is also a teacher and mentor for coaches here in the Health Coach Mentorship and Mastery membership group.

Carmen Hunter

Founder of Institute for Functional Health Coaching, Carmen Hunter Health LLC

Carmen has over 11 years of experience in the wellness industry to include coaching hundreds of one-on-one clients, group training and teaching coaches and practitioners worldwide how to collaborate for better client outcomes and business success. She believes that the wellness industry needs a big shift in how we are serving the people who need us and that the key to client compliancy is connection and communication.

Julienne DesJardins

Marketing Mentor

Julienne has over 10 years of experience in marketing & communications, and is a Certified Partner with ConvertKit, MailerLite, and Thinkific. She holds a Masters in Public Administration, and completed post-grad work at NYU in Digital Marketing. Julienne provides content inside our membership platform, and holds a monthly coaching call with our students.

Christy Westerfeld

Attorney and Legal Mentor

Christy creates legal resources specifically for coaches and online entrepreneurs that help legally protect their business, but also allow them to understand the importance and meaning behind each legal document, so they know what they’re protecting, and why it’s vital to their business. She provides invaluable legal mentoring to our coaches inside HCMM.

Here is what my team of experts are going to provide you in HCMM

Julienne will bring you...

  • LIVE session each month on marketing techniques and online tools
  • LIBRARY of training videos and resources (new ones each month!)

Julienne's live monthly training calls are customized to our students. She takes your questions and gives you live answers to the roadblocks you're facing in marketing your business. Some of our recent calls have included conversations on: your customer journey, free and low-cost tool options, search engine optimization, and sessions on teaching basic marketing terms.

The marketing resources library will be added to every month. These will include screencast recording videos, strategy chats, graphic packs for you to share on social media, and step-by-step guides to some of the most frequently used online tools.

Shannon will bring you...

  • LIVE sessions monthly educating on herbs and more
  • LIVE sessions monthly mentoring you on adding the SHAPE ReClaimed program and growing your business with it.

Shannon has a tremendous passion for herbs, homeopathy, essential oils along with 10 years of researching and studying how they can be implemented into daily health. Every month Shannon is going to be teaching a live class on these for you and uploading relevant information into the HCMM platform for you.

Shannon is also a Certified SHAPE Practitioner with SHAPE ReClaimed, an anti-inflammatory program created by Dr. Todd Frisch, DC. In HCMM, you have the opportunity to learn more about this program and how you can add it to your business. Shannon will be bringing you live mentoring sessions every month to support you in growing this program in your business.

Dawn will bring you...

  • Business Organization Basics

This course, that Dawn brings you, steps you through the critical steps of becoming organized in order to improve communication, increase efficiency, and be more productive while managing your business. Proper organization reduces mental and spatial clutter which allows for peace of mind and calm during your workday.

Some things she will be teaching you include:

  • Critical elements of being organized
  • Taking the first steps
  • Identifying applications and platforms for Communication Data, Storage and Security, Time Management, as well as Project Management
  • Identifying valuable resources
  • Creating process

Christy will bring you...

  • LIVE Q&A Session monthly on the Legalities in Health Coaching

Confused by health coaching regulations? You're not alone.  That's why our Health Coach Attorney Christy Westerfeld comes to you live every month for a Q&A session to help you avoid legal issues and to answer your biggest questions.

She’s one of the top legal experts in the industry about safe language, state colors, working with local attorneys, and everything else you need to know to keep your business safe and stay within your scope of practice.  This is a MUST to pay attention to!  Do NOT wait until you are in a risky situation to set your business upright.

Haven't taken the Prep Course and Board Certification yet, but you know you want to join us?

Don't forget March 31st the discounts expire, but you can join HCMM ANY time so take advantage of the discounts NOW!


Simplify Your Coaching Approach

I'm going to show you why a simple health coaching approach works best and how to implement this in your own practice! Not only is this less stressful for you and for your clients, but it helps your client achieve better results.

Learn How to Coach Without a Niche

Stressed out by coaches and marketing experts telling you that you need a specific niche to be successful? Well the good news is that anyone with a pulse is a potential client for YOU.  We are being sought after by the Standard American Person and the Overwhelmed Symptom Chaser.  If someone wants to optimize their health they ARE your niche.  I teach you how to get specific about who you are looking for and how to find them.

Get Past The Fear in Health Coaching

I'm sure you realize how important of a topic this is. So many health coaches let fear and disappointment hold them back from reaching their full potential. I don't want this to happen to you. With my video series, you'll learn how fear could be stopping you from moving forward in your business, how to overcome fear with real action steps and the best way to make more money from coaching with an ethical approach.

If you are someone who is not doing videos yet, you fear going live, you break out in hives when you think of public speaking, you believe you can't make money in this business OR you've been told you should consider a new line of business due to risk then HCMM is for you and will help you tremendously in getting over these fears and getting the support you need to confidently move your business forward!

Focused Personal Mentorship

Get mentored by the master herself! Carmen will hold a hot seat call where coaches can talk to her about your specific problems and get coaching on the spot.

Knowledge from interviews Carmen has done over the years through access to our wellness expert vault

Membership includes instant access to over 40 hour-long video modules from leading industry experts as well as access to any new experts she brings into the group. Here are some of the amazing trainings you will get access to.

With more experts covering these topics:

  • ​Estrogen Dominance with Maria Claps
  • Childhood Trauma with Niki Gratrix
  •  Health & Emotions with Dr. Joan Rosenberg 
  •  Mold Toxicity and Methylation with Dr. Tim Jackson
  •  Chronic Pain with Dr. Joe Tatta 
  •  Thryoid Health with Andrea Nakayama 
  • ​Insulin Resistance and Gut Health with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
  • Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson
  •  Hormones, Nutrients & Intimacy with Dr. Lindsey Berkson
  • Neurofeedback and Brain Health with Kaka Ray 
  •  Toxins in Beauty Products with Ann Marie Fine
  • Legal Q&A for Health Coaches with Sam
  • Migraines with Erin Knight
  • Parasites with Dr. Todd Watts
  • The Health Benefits of CBD and THC Oil with Dr. Maya
  • Supplement Talk with Dr. Shiroko
  • Lab Testing in Your Practice with Dr. Alan Hopkins
  • The Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  • EMFs: The 21st Century Toxin with Nicolas Pinneault
  • And so much more!

Total Value of Over $5,000!

Mentorship, Motivation, Accountability and Peer Support Inside the Private Mighty Networks Group

Total Value of Over $2,500!

You'll get full access to our private Mighty Networks group where you can network with fellow coaches, ask questions, get advice, gain support, and receive real-time mentorship from me and my marketing, business and student support team.

If you have a question you need an answer to, simply tag me in your post. I'll either give you my best recommendations in the comments, during the monthly live calls or, I may even decide to host a special live call to discuss your specific issue if I feel it will benefit the group.

"I have been a member of Carmen Hunter's Health Coaching with Confidence, Health Coach Mentorship and Mastery programs and The Institute for Functional Health Coaching for over a year now. I am so grateful to be a part of her community. She provides so much information on everything needed to put together a health coaching practice. Carmen goes above and beyond with support." Rebecca Stadnicki

By joining Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery, you'll: 

  • Have the full support of a trusted mentor with over a decade of experience who is guiding coaches in the right direction every day and sharing advice that only a working health coach can give you (most business mentors for coaches aren't actual coaches and never have been)
  • Gain the confidence, knowledge, and method to go beyond cookie-cutter health coaching,​ offer more than a quick fix elimination diet or meal plan (those are outside scope of practice for a coach!) and empower your clients to get to the root of their health issues through teaching them how to trust their instincts and supporting their decisions
  • Wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and know that you're changing lives in a real and authentic way
  • Have the skills, approach, and confidence to work with anyone with ANY health issue
  • Be a part of a community of encouraging, like-minded SERIOUS health coaches who want to help each other grow 
  • Stop wasting time learning more about health and start working on the most important aspect of your business (a sustainable foundation)
  • Streamline your business and start bringing in more clients and earning more income while actually reducing your workload

You could spend months or even years scrambling and back-peddling, trying to figure it all out on your own...

Or, you could make the decision to join Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery and skip ahead in your business practically overnight!

I've helped hundreds of other coaches reach their goals by giving them the method, knowledge, confidence, tools, and mentorship that every coach should have access to. Here are some of their stories:

"Down to Earth, dependable, common sense solutions and suggestions for any budding or experience Health Coach! IFHC encourages supportive and informative tribe interaction and hosts one of the most respectful and well-rounded communities I know! Highly recommend!" Darcy Moore, Joyful Me

Consider Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery your ticket to the coaching career you've been working towards since day one. It's a one-stop hub that puts every resource you need at your fingertips so you can focus on your zone of genius - being a Compassionate Server to others.

The time is now. Join us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does membership open?

Membership is always open to those who are tired of spending money on shiny objects being sold to them by people who have NEVER coached before.   

What happens when I sign up?

After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need to access the membership site and the private Mighty Networks Group. 

Are the materials downloadable?

The brandable templates & ebooks can be downloaded for you to personalize and use in your business.  

Can I use these materials in my own practice?

You are encouraged to use the templates, guides, and resources in your own business – that’s what they are there for! These tools were created for health coaches who want to safely and efficiently serve their clients.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

I’m completely confident that you’ll find Health Coach Mentorship and Mastery well worth your investment. However, you are free to cancel your membership at any time.  If you have been billed for the month already your subscription will be inactive for the next payment period.  

Please note that, as you'll receive thousands of dollars in digital documents immediately upon enrollment and this is a monthly membership we offer no refund policy.  If you're unsure whether Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery is right for you, email and get your questions answered first.  WE are here for you!