I have a question for you: How's it going? I really want to know.

Are you still trying to make the magic happen on social media? Are you wondering why your likes are down and your lives are not being seen anymore? We at Carmen Hunter Health LLC. want to know; are you ready to get off the rollercoaster and stop spending time and money on things that aren't working?

Then getting off social media and learning how to build your business more authentically and organically may be just what you need. Yes, that's a scary thought for many of you! We know that you have been programmed to believe that social media is THE place to grow, but times have changed and the future of wellness professionals has been forever altered. For most of you, what you used to have success doing is no longer going to be sustainable. It's not all doom and gloom so hang in there and read on....

Before I go further I have bad news and good news.

First, the bad news:

  • Social media is no longer social. It's pay-to-play, controlled programming that leads people toward a conventional approach to health and wellness. This is NOT the space you want to spend your time or money if you are a holistic or natural wellness leader, practitioner, or coach.
  • Censorship is REAL. Our natural approaches are being hidden and replaced with an agenda that pushes hazardous health choices and even more dangerous injections. If you believe, as I do, that our bodies are miraculous and able to do ANYthing, than this belief in the conventional narrative goes against everything you want to teach your clients and community. You're no longer being seen by your target audience like you used to be and that makes growth really hard.
  • It's only gotten worse as we have gotten deeper into the government control of natural health and wellness and it shows no signs of slowing down.
  • You don't know how vulnerable your business online is...until your audience or your platform disappears overnight.

Now the good news:

At Carmen Hunter Health LLC., we get it. We have been going through the same thing, and we want you to know that we are here to support you in every aspect of your business. We know what it takes to build a successful wellness business even when times are uncertain. We have been focused on these things since 2020's disaster occurred, and we are ready to bring you into the solutions that work, the support you need, and help you move away from the control and fear.

Our approach:

  • Straight talk about current events and training to navigate this new reality professionally and with sensitivity
  • Business building tools that are low risk, sustainable, and can be used wherever you end up working (online or locally)
  • Health and wellness discussions around relevant topics for today's concerned population
  • Training videos, templates, documents, and advice specific to the wellness industry and the challenges we face
  • Low cost, affordable, and easy to implement processes that get people moving and don't overwhelm them
  • Back to the basics approach that creates a proactive mentality so people can feel safe and empowered instead of scared and reactive
  • Legal, marketing, and tech support 
  • Experienced wellness business advice & support from people who have been successful using ethical practices and processes

This is an opportunity for you to join us on a new road to success with your wellness business.

What's the difference between us and other wellness coaches and mentors?

Our approach won't break your bank, confuse or overwhelm you, and will offer you REAL support and solutions that feel good and allow you to work with people with integrity and honesty. We also won't lie to you about what you need and don't need for your business.

The Wellness Business Solutions Center is a brand new approach to helping you solve your biggest problems TODAY.

Yes, I'm ready to join for just $15 a month!

"I was looking for mentorship, tools, resources, professional development, support, and encouragement for my health coaching business and this has been just the place! I am now confident that my virtual coaching is safe and effective. The value of of this group has been more than worth the monthly investment!

Lorie Pawley, Lorie P Wellness
Functional Health Coach​ & Certified SHAPE Reclaimed Practitioner

You may be wondering how to continue building as so many people have lost their jobs and income and are in need of your help now more than ever...We show you how!

Support is vital to your success!


We are here to give you proactive steps to success so you don't get caught up in the fear and can continue to move forward. Our marketing and tech team is highly skilled on how to help you navigate the tech world that may seem to overwhelm you. They know wellness professionals, coaches and the struggles they face and are here to help you feel less stressed.


Coaching is NOT complicated. In fact, if you are staying within scope of practice it's quite simple. Practice a general approach, don't customize your plans with clients and focus on helping clients reduce inflammation through the Seven Essentials we teach and learn more about the only anti-inflammatory program that can be used with every client.


No worries here! We have a ton of training on how to stay safe, resources galore and our legal expert provides you with bite size pieces of information to help you stay low risk and set your business up appropriately and make changes where necessary and holds live support sessions to answer your needs directly.


Carmen has been coaching for over 13 years and continues to coach today. She loves the investigative inquiry, telling the truth in an underwhelming way and the process of getting back to the basics to help more people. That includes showing coaches how SIMPLE and effective coaching can be when done with a safe and general approach while helping you find your confidence to believe in what you offer.

"I can't say enough about the ongoing support and clarity this team provides. They have "been there" and completely understand the challenges that can occur and they aim to simplify the process for us coaches. Trying to start a business within the last year of upheaval while also working my full time was challenging but not one time did I feel it was impossible. You will never feel alone while growing your business. You are a part of a wonderfully supportive family that always lifts you up and wants you to succeed!"

Michelle McCoy, Treasured Wellness
Holistic and Functional Health Coach, CHHC, CFHC

Group Mentoring Sessions Monthly with Carmen & Quarterly Sessions with her team via Zoom...

Get mentored by the master herself! Carmen will hold a monthly Zoom call where coaches can talk to her about their specific problems and get coaching on the spot. Her focus and superpower is her ability to intuitively see the challenges and fast forward provide quick action steps to the solutions you need to move forward. Every session will be high touch and high value. You will walk away from the sessions with insight you never had before....even if you don't get the coaching for yourself and prefer to play the part of the observer. You will also have access to quarterly calls with Carmen's experienced team to help support you in different areas of your business.

At Carmen Hunter Health, LLC we know what it takes to build a successful coaching business even when times are uncertain.

What you gain by joining us:

  • Straight talk about current events and training to navigate this new reality professionally
  • A business foundation that is low risk, sustainable and can be used wherever you end up working
  • An experienced, straightforward and trusted wellness business mentor to guide you
  • Training videos, templates, documents, and advice specific to the wellness industry
  • An opportunity to join a done for you program that helps people get their inflammation and disease under control and can be used with EVERY client no matter what.
  • Peer support from a group of coaches and practitioners forging ahead just like you!
  • Training on how to price your services, what to offer, how to attract the people you want to work with and how to stay safe and low risk.
  • Language and training on how to work with integrity and be sensitive to the audience you want to attract.

"Thanks to this membership group - the awesome people who run it and all members, I have learned and have grown on a personal and professional level. Once you start engaging in the group, it feels like family. You feel understood, supported, and challenged. I have learned that I have used my time wisely when joining in and engaging in this membership group. So glad to know I have this in my life. I am willing to bet you will experience many good things here."

Jane Phillips, BCFHC   

Entrepreneurship isn't a straight road in the coaching world...our goal is to help you navigate it with ease.

Why are we so passionate about helping coaches succeed and have thriving practices?

Over ten years ago, before coaching even became mainstream, I was facing the same dilemma.  I had to learn the hard way how to build a business on my own and was "told" letters behind my name would make me more credible.  So, sadly I spent time and money on a course that taught me anything I could have learned on my own online for free. Lesson learned!

NEWS FLASH! No one cared about where I got those letters.....people only cared that I could help them.   The school provided no business training from the real world of coaching and most mentors or businesses coaches didn't understand the uniqueness of the coaching world. As a natural investigator, I began the journey to figuring it out on my own.

 It took me much longer than it should have to build a thriving practice, not only because I thought I needed those letters, but because I wasted so much money on useless things I didn't need! I mean who needs a $3,000 website when they don't even have their fees and services set? No one. There is a solid order to set up your business and there are things to be careful of if you want a sustainable practice.

Most coaches don't have years to spare. Most are working full-time and building their coaching businesses on the side with massive dreams that one day, they'll be able to pursue health coaching full-time. We teach you how to start working with people even while you wrap up the corporate or medical world you are trying to escape.

Navigating my way as a coach-entrepreneur has felt absolutely overwhelming at times. In my quest for business support and guidance, I had been distracted by “shiny” programs that promised “instant success”, but never delivered. Maybe you can relate? This membership group, however, was one of the best investments I ever made. Being in a group of authentic, like-minded coaches, whose passion for health and wellness drives them to help others, felt like coming “home”. If you are willing to apply the resources, support, guidance and camaraderie this group provides, you will be able to build your business and attract the right clients—no matter how restrictive or negative the current climate may be. The team behind this membership group is absolutely committed your success!

kathryn mathews, The Nourished Epicurean
Board Certified Functional Health Coach

This group isn't like any other group. Why?

Because we support your business needs, help you gain confidence, and separate you from the cookie cutter wellness influencers and coaches through a functional skilled coaching approach.

This online membership has the practitioners success in mind by reducing your digital clutter and overwhelm and providing you with a low stress path to a life you love. Our goal is to reduce your stress financially, physically and mentally.

Yes, I'm ready to join for $15/month!

By joining the Wellness Business Solutions Center you can look forward to: 

  • Having the full support of a trusted mentor & my team with over a decade of experience who is guiding coaches in the right direction every day and sharing advice that only a working health coach can give you (most business mentors for coaches aren't actual coaches and never have been).
  • Live Support Sessions Monthly with Carmen (founder of IFHC), and quarterly with her amazing graduate Shannon Spears, her incredible marketing and tech team headed by Julienne DeJardins, and the one and only attorney you will need for coaching Christy Westerfeld. They will answer your hardest questions and help you overcome your biggest challenges. No question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet with us (This is our motto for The Institute for Functional Health Coaching®!).
  • Gain the confidence, knowledge, and method to go beyond cookie-cutter health approaches,​ offer more than a quick fix elimination diet or meal plan (those are outside scope of practice for many wellness professionals!) and empower your clients to get to the root of their health issues through teaching them how to trust their instincts and supporting their decisions.
  • Wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and know that you're changing lives in a real and authentic way.
  • Have the skills, approach, and confidence to work with anyone with ANY health issue (No Niche No Problem!)
  • Access to business templates for working with your clients In order to work with potential clients you need a system. We offer the intake forms for one time sessions as well as lengthier relationships with your clients, examples of how to set fees and services and more.
  • Be a part of a community of encouraging, like-minded SERIOUS health coaches who want to help each other grow and who are actively working with clients and making things happen to see success in their business!
  • Stop wasting time learning more about health and start working on the most important aspect of your business (a sustainable foundation).
  • Streamline your business and start bringing in more clients and earning more income while actually reducing your workload.
  • Distraction free platform Let's face it. Facebook is nothing but a distraction. Ads for shiny objects you don't need popping up every minute, videos from wellness influencers you used to trust talking about and promoting vaccines, and the squirrel attention span we have all developed from constant dopamine hits! OY! It's all too much. Mighty Networks is distraction free and a place where you can connect/interact with other coaches and get support to accomplish goals and not waste time.

"Carmen offers you the tools to start & build your online health coaching business, plus gain confidence. She is very supportive and an amazing woman, mentor & business coach! She always gives 100% and is very thorough. You can take what you want/need and leave the rest. This is the best decision I ever made. This team is definitely the best at preparing and supporting health coaches in an uncomplicated way!"

Lisa Wildoner 
Board Certified Holistic Health & Natural Wellness Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

When does membership open?

Membership is always open to serious practitioners that are ready to find peace of mind and support.

What happens when I sign up?

After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need to access the membership site and the private Mighty Networks Group. 

Are the materials downloadable?

Any customizable documents, templates & ebooks that are downloaded into the membership group for you to use in your personal business can be branded and customized to your personal business and used in your business, unless otherwise stated.  

Can I use these materials in my own practice?

You are encouraged to use the templates, guides, and resources in your own business – that’s what they are there for! These tools were created for health professionals who want to safely and efficiently serve their clients.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

We are completely confident that you’ll find The Wellness Business Solutions Center well worth the small investment. However, you are free to cancel your membership at any time.  If you have been billed for the month already your subscription will be inactive for the next payment period.  

Please note that, as you'll receive thousands of dollars in digital documents throughout your membership time with us and this is a monthly membership we offer no refund policy

Let's be honest: It's $15 a month for more value than you have probably received in courses you have spent thousands of dollars on. If you're unsure whether The Wellness Business Solutions Center is right for you, email support@instituteforfunctionalhealthcoaching.com and get your questions answered first.  WE are here for you!